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August 2016
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Chief Patrick Matuszewski

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New School Bus Law

New school bus law takes effect Tuesday, August 16, 2016

As students prepare to go back to school this year, a new state law regarding school buses is set to take effect Tuesday.

The law requires every school bus built after 2005 to display flashing amber lights before stopping. Drivers will still be required to stop once a school bus’s lights flash red and the stop arm comes out, except when on the other side of a divided highway with a median.

The bus drivers will be turning on their amber lights if they’re going under 45 miles per hour and they’ll be turning on the amber lights within 100 feet of their intended stop

It allows the people driving regular vehicles advanced warning that the school bus will be stopping and that they need to prepare to stop for the safety of the children.

If drivers can do so safely, they should slow down and begin to stop once they see amber lights, much like they should at a yellow traffic light.

“Yellow does not mean accelerate, yellow does not mean go faster”. Children’s lives are involved, so we need to make sure the kids are safe and you are prepared to stop when you see the yellow lights of a school bus.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, a driver who gets a citation for illegally passing a school bus faces a minimum fine of $326.50 plus four points on his or her license.school bus 2


Culvers Tokens (2) (640x617)

Lake Mills PD Teams-up with Culver’s…


To encourage good behavior from our younger citizens, the Lake Mills PD is teaming with the City’s new Culver’s Restaurant, to reward kids with ice cream when an officer sees them “doing the right thing” (i.e., wearing their bike helmet, using the crosswalk, riding their bike in a safe and responsible manner, picking-up someone’s litter, helping-out another citizen, etc.).  Kids seen doing the right thing by a LMPD officer, may be given a blue Culver’s token good for free ice cream at the Lake Mills Culver’s. 


“I’d like to thank the Lake Mills Culver’s and its owner Mr. Jon Laundrie, for donating the ice cream tokens and helping the Lake Mills Police encourage and reward upstanding behavior amongst the younger citizens in our community.”  Chief Patrick Matuszewski