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On Thursday 11/20/14 the 7th grade class at the Lake Mills Middle school celebrated the completion of the GREAT program with a pizza party.  The GREAT program is a 13 week program that reinforces the lessons learned in the 4th grade GREAT and the 5th grade DARE programs.  Lessons taught include decision making, resisting peer pressure, anger management and conflict resolution and social problem solving.  Officer Troy Oestreich teaches the 7th grade program.  During the party, students were treated to pizza from Pizza Pit and cake made by their very own teacher Ms. Tracy Voigt.  Ten of the students were recognized with medals for outstanding effort in completing their essays


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On Thursday 11/13 at 2:30pm the fourth grade students at the Lake Mills’ Elementary school were recognized for completing the GREAT program.  The GREAT program is a nationally recognized 6 week educational program put on by the Lake Mills Police Department.  During their time in the program, students learn the skills they need to make good decisions and solve conflicts in order to help them avoid gangs and the negative influence of their peers.  Students are taught by Officer Troy Oestreich and the lessons include making good decisions, bully prevention, anger management and conflict resolution.  On Thursday the students received their certificates and enjoyed cake and ice cream in the school cafeteria.



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Bike & Walk to School Day…

Today was “Bike & Walk to School Day” for many Lake Mills students, who congregated at Commons Park at 7:30 this chilly fall morning. The Lake Mills Police Department supports this health promoting event and assisted by participating and providing traffic control for numerous public elementary, middle and high school students and their parents, as they proceeded to their destinations.  “I really enjoy these opportunities to hang-out and have some fun with the kids, while promoting exercise and bike safety…”   Chief Pat Matuszewski


Doug Award Shoot 1 Shoot 2 Shoot 4

2014 Lake Mills PD “Top Gun” Competition…

Last Thursday, Lake Mills PD officers responded to the range to engage in the department’s annual “Top Gun” competition. During this contest, LMPD officers shoot against each other in a challenging course of fire which tests the officers’ accuracy, proficiency and speed as they compete using  handguns, AR-15 rifles and 12 gauge shotguns.  This year’s competition came down to a final shoot-off  between Capt. Mick Selck and Officer Doug Messmann, with Officer Messmann winning  by a fraction of a second!  As this year’s winner, Officer Messmann was awarded the LMPD “Top Gun” traveling trophy, his name is added to the Top Gun perpetual plaque which is posted in the PD and bragging rights for the year.



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Bicycles Prohibited on Downtown Sidewalks…

For pedestrian safety, municipal ordinance 6-4-4 prohibits the riding of bicycles on specific downtown sidewalks. To help bicyclist easily identify these designated areas, the sidewalk ramps have recently been painted with the universal “No Bicycles” markings, in addition to the posting of “No Bicycles on Sidewalk” street signs (below). While on these sidewalks, bicyclists are required to walk their bikes to avoid colliding with pedestrians who may be exiting businesses or walking in these sometimes congested areas…


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On Saturday May 17, 2014 the Lake Mills Optimist Club along with the Lake Mills Police Department held their annual Bike Rodeo at Ryan’s Auto Care.


DARE Graduation IMG_20140513_175429556 (5) (640x360) Troy speaking IMG_20140513_185627212 (2)

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at the Lake Mills High School auditorium, 114 Lake Mills’ 5th grade students graduated from the D.A.R.E program. The 10 week program is designed to teach children to make good choices and to resist drugs and alcohol. The course is taught by Lake Mills Police Officer Troy Oestreich. Ardan James, an animated illusionist, was the guest performer.


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 On Friday May 9th members of the City of Lake Mills Police Department attended the 24th annual Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony at the State Capitol.  This ceremony is dedicated to both recent and past fallen brothers and sisters of law enforcement and their families.  The event was attended by numerous police agencies across the State and some from outside, to include officers from Los Angeles and England.  The guest speakers for this year’s ceremony consisted of Governor Scott Walker, Attorney General J.B. VanHollen and Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney.  This event also kicks off “National Police Week” which runs from May 12th -16th.  LMPD also plans to attend the Jefferson County Chief’s and Sheriff Police Memorial Ceremony on May 15th“I feel it’s extremely important for the Lake Mills Police Department to attend such Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremonies, to honor those in this profession who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and welfare of those we have sworn to protect and to support their families by showing that their loved one’s sacrifice will never be forgotten.”   Chief Pat Matuszewski


2014-03-15 19 03 53-5 (6)

On Saturday, March 15, 2014, the Lake Mills American Legion Post 67 held their awards banquet. Lake Mills Police Officer Troy Oestreich received the Officer of the Year Award. Presenting the award to Officer Oestreich is Wally Weier and Dave Behling (not pictured) of the American Legion. Troy was nominated for his work on the break-in at the Lake Mills Middle school that ended up solving 14 outstanding cases in Lake Mills and the Town of Lake Mills.  He also has moved the “Code Red Program” (school safety response) leaps ahead of where it had been by providing scenario based safety training to the staff of all five schools in our city. Congratulations Troy!!

New Squad

The Lake Mills Police Department recently added a new Ford Explorer (SUV) Police Interceptor to its fleet. This vehicle is designated as a “Command Unit” and will primarily be used by PD supervisors.  As a command vehicle, in addition to being equipped with the standard police squad equipment, it will be further outfitted with tactical equipment and enforcement tools required to more effectively address a major incident in the field.


Ryan Wagner 002

Ryan Wagner pic (2)

On March 6, 2014 Ryan Wagner was sworn in as the newest part-time officer. Ryan works full-time at Fort Atkinson Police Department and lives in Jefferson with his wife and 3 children.


Train 1 Train 4 Train 3 Train 2  TRAINING

Training was held at the Lake Mills Fire Department on February 20, 2014 on the use of the Halligan tool which allows for quick entry into locked doors and also has several other uses.  Thanks to Josh Ramsey of the fire department for taking the time to do the training.



Sgt. Mick Selck was presented his Captain bars by Lake Mills Police Chief Patrick Matuszewski after an unanimous vote by the City Police and Fire Commission on Thursday evening December 19, 2013. Captain Mick Selck is a 19 year veteran of the force. Pictured is Captain Mick Selck on left and Chief Patrick Matuszewski on right.


Santa and Rudolph 007 Santa and Rudolph 006 Santa and Rudolph 005 Santa and Rudolph 004 Santa and Rudolph 003 Santa and Rudolph 002 Santa and Rudolph 001

Prospect Elementary kindergarten students decorated our office with Santa Claus and Rudolph



4K 007 4K 006 4K 004 4K 002

4K Visits the Police Department Dec 11th and 12th


TrainingPic 2



Home coming

Start of Homecoming parade 2013



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